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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a Scottish based supplier of CBD products. The web site will help you learn more about the benefits of CBD. Celtic Calm and Wellbeing can supply a wide range of product classes which can nurture your inner self and enhance your wellbeing. 

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Our Story

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Certainly when illness hits your family you have to become an expert in your own conditions and work to find out what treatments or combinations of treatment work best for you. Our journey started by trying to find ways to avoid taking multiple prescription pills on a daily basis. This led us to discover the benefits of adding CBD to our daily routines.

Our journey was not a straightforward one. We experienced a myriad of confusingly labelled products which resulted in us buying items that didn't actually contain any CBD at all! We came to value those products where we could look at the results of testing carried out by independent labs, which clearly showed the level of cannabinoids they contain.

Knowing just how confusing and frustrating getting into CBD can be, we are committed to making other people's experience more straightforward. We only stock brands which can make independent lab reports available to you. We want you to feel confident about what exactly you are ingesting or are applying to your skin.

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